Electrical Repair & Rewiring at Irving Electric & HVAC LLC

Older buildings may simply not have electric wiring systems that are up to modern standards.  Instead of repairing the constant breaks, it may be preferable to simply hire an electrician to rewire the place.


Electrical rewiring is a big job, but can be an important and beneficial part of property management.  After all, a building with a modern wire system will sell for more than a building without it.


If the electrical panel is outdated, the electrician may need to replace that as well. Though expensive, the new one will work better and may be safer as well.


Though some might be reluctant to go through the effort, you should know that old wiring could be dangerous.  Without proper electrical repair, frayed wires might start fires or shock people.

Should you need a licensed electrician to do rewiring, lighting repair, or some other related job, we can help.  At Irving Electric & HVAC LLC, we take great pride in being the most reliable electrical contractor in Aransas Pass, TX.


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